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About EmeSoft

As an AWS Select Tier Services Partner based in Vietnam, EmeSoft excels in elevating businesses through cutting-edge software and cloud solutions.

Our array of services includes software solution provision at every stage, ranging from strategizing and conceptualizing to building, implementing, evaluating, maintaining, and offering assistance. 

Our team of highly skilled and experienced software developers specializes in an array of technologies and platforms, including but not limited to web, mobile, cloud, and desktop. We boast a track record of successfully delivering software solutions to diverse industries and sectors, encompassing healthcare, education, finance, e-commerce, and more. 

Our unwavering commitment is to deliver software that aligns with your requirements, budget, and timeline. 

Reach out to us today to discover how we can cater to your software needs.

Our Missions

Core Values

At EmeSoft, we believe that our core values are essential to our success. These values guide our actions and decisions and help us create successful and sustainable services.


Our mission is to deliver exceptional software, cloud, and data engineering services that surpass our customers’ expectations. We prioritize quality by investing in robust quality assurance processes, equipping our team with best practice training, and utilizing the most advanced tools and technologies.

Customer focus

We are customer-focused and always put the needs of our customers first. We do this by listening to customer feedback, providing excellent customer service, and continually improving the customer experience.


We constantly innovate and look for new ways to improve our services. We do this by investing in research and development, encouraging creativity and collaboration among our employees, and staying up-to-date on the latest trends in technology.


We believe that our people are our most important asset. We create a positive and supportive work environment where our employees can thrive and grow. We also invest in our employees' development by providing opportunities for training and development and creating a lifelong learning culture.

Our Certificates & Partnerships

University of Information Technology - NETSEC Day Partner
EmeSoft, an AWS Select Tier Services Partner
AWS Select Tier Services Partner
EmeSoft JSC - Vietnam Software and Information Technology Services Association
Vietnam Software and IT Services Association Member
EmeSoft, an AWS Select Tier Services Partner, delivers cutting-edge software and cloud solutions, covering the entire development lifecycle—from strategy to support.
AWS Professional DevOps Engineer
AWS Well-Architected Proficient
AWS Certified SysOps Administrator – Associate
AWS Certified SysOps Administrator
Microsoft Certified: DevOps Engineer Expert
Azure DevOps Engineer Expert
Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate
Azure Administrator Associate
Azure Developer Associate
Professional Cloud Developer
Professional Google Cloud Developer
Associate Cloud Engineer Certification
Google Cloud Engineer Associate
Professional Scrum Master
Professional Scrum Master
CKA: Certified Kubernetes Administrator
Certified Kubernetes Administrator
CKAD: Certified Kubernetes Application Developer
Certified Kubernetes Application Developer
CKS: Certified Kubernetes Security Specialist
Certified Kubernetes Security Specialist
Databricks Certified Data Engineer Professional
Databricks Certified Data Engineer Professional
Databricks Certified Associate Developer for Apache Spark
Databricks Certified Associate Developer for Apache Spark
Databricks Certified Data Analyst Associate
Databricks Certified Data Analyst Associate
And More...

In complement to our core mission, foundational values, and various certifications, we bring additional strengths to the table, including:

• Our engineering team brings a wealth of experience in delivering software solutions to international markets, with a particular emphasis on the United States, Japan, and Singapore.

• We adopt an agile approach to ensure effective project monitoring and management.

• Our commitment to quality is reflected in our robust processes and best practices, covering everything from design and implementation to testing and deployment. This approach not only maintains client satisfaction but also offers cost savings.

• The core of our team boasts over a decade of expertise in software engineering, as well as cloud and data engineering, particularly for small to medium-sized enterprises and startups. 

• We have the capability to rapidly and sustainably expand our team to meet growing demands.

Gain a competitive advantage by partnering with EmeSoft.