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We offer a wide range of technology solutions to meet the needs of our diverse client base.

Creative Planning

Creative Planning, LLC is a distinguished financial planning and wealth management firm renowned for its comprehensive approach to helping clients manage their financial lives.

With a focus on providing personalized investment strategies, the firm prides itself on its team of highly skilled financial planners, tax specialists, and legal advisors.

Creative Planning is dedicated to offering bespoke solutions tailored to meet the unique needs and goals of each client, ensuring a path towards financial well-being and security. Renowned for its integrity, expertise, and client-centric services, Creative Planning stands as a beacon in the realm of financial guidance and wealth management.

Wealth Management & Investment Advisory Services


The system offers many approaches to managing the customer’s finances, and the core offering is financial portfolio customization. It allows customers to create custom portfolios and manage their investments. It will base on customers’ input data to recommend the customers how to manage their wealth as well as what they should invest. Besides the web application, we built a desktop application using ElectronJs, allowing the client to run offline (no Internet) when they meet their customers. This application will allow the client to synchronize their collected data when meeting with their customers to the main system when the application connects to the Internet.

Technology Stacks

ElectonJS, .Net core, ASP.Net MVC, Angular 6, Typescript, JS, Html, CSS, Solid, Data warehouse, Docker, Microservices API, Restful API, AWS Cloud services


We provided a dedicated team to work with the client to design the overall subsystem architecture, implement its related functionalities, and maintain it.


The system has improved the customer’s business, and they are happy with our team. They still keep our team to maintain and develop new features for their system for the long-term.

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We’re enabling the future by providing high-quality software, cloud, data, and technology solutions for clients across industries including financial services, healthcare, engineering and information technology.

Wealth Management & Investment Advisory Services

The platform offers a range of tools for portfolio monitoring, financial planning, and performance analysis, ensuring clients have real-time insights into their investments.

platforms offer real-time tracking, easy access to shipping documents

The platforms offer real-time tracking, easy access to shipping documents, and customizable delivery options, catering to the diverse needs of businesses ranging from small enterprises to large corporations.

BestyBnB helps Domestic Violence

Their platforms stand out for their user-friendly design and comprehensive features, catering to both hosts and guests. For travelers, BestyBnB provides a seamless booking experience, complete with detailed listings, transparent reviews, and flexible booking options.